Mylasia Blocker is a typical 12­ year ­old girl. Kind, funny, and genuinely curious, she is unbelievably easy to like. She was born blind, with optic nerve hypoplasia, or underdeveloped optic nerves. She was never supposed to see. Her eyesight began to develop when she was young, and at age four she began to identify her colors.

Her mother describes the day she found out that Mylasia could see as her “favorite day in life.” 

A few years later, her vision plateaued and slowly began degrading again. Her doctor predicts that she will be blind again between the ages of 16 and 18.

Today, she can see somewhat, but her eyesight is far from perfect. Technically speaking, it is 20/600 – which means that she can see a standard letter size from 20 feet away,

whereas someone with normal vision could see the same letter from 600 feet away. As Mylasia puts it, she “can’t rely on [her] eyes.”

At the end of the day, her story isn’t about eyesight. It’s about growing up and what it means to fit in.