I remember when I first started skating I didn’t much care for the nuances involved with the production of a quality skateboard. As long as it didn’t break under my feet, it didn’t really matter. But after a few years I started hanging around the local skate shop more and more, and it was there I learned that sturdy quality skateboard decks are made from hard rock maple, anything else just doesn’t compare. I found myself paying attention to the little details in every skateboard deck; I wanted to know where it was made, the feel of its concave, the shape of its nose and tail, and of course, the wood that made up its veneers. I found that, though they seem miniscule, all of these things really make a difference in how skateboarding feels. But as I spent more time with these little details another question arose on its heels; if these are the aspects that make a skateboard, then what are the aspects that make a skateboarder? That’s the question I’ve sought to answer in this project; this is my effort to find the bits of Maplewood scattered throughout my own skateboarding community in Rochester New York.

With the work, I’ve designed and printed a zine that delves deeper into the aspects of the culture. The zine is on display at the First Comes Trust exhibition and available for purchase.