Tuesday Karaoke Night

American Country music is traditionally about Southern and Western, rural lifestyles. Simple lyrics, comprehendible virtues and “every-man” stories, along with mainstream artists have popularized this culture in many new regions. Nashvilles, a bar located 15 minutes south of Rochester, NY, is an embodiment of this migration. Cowboy hats and boots abound, patrons line dance to top 40 favorites, while pick-ups sit in the parking lot.

Through big wooden doors with old-fashioned stained glass panels, the smell of stale beer and home cooked food greet you, as well as Jim, Nashvilles bouncer. Jim, a large man, checks ID’s and collects cover charge.

Over speakers sings Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and old-timers like George Straight. Entering the dining room, booths to the left and a maze of round tables, folks in cowboy boots eat dinner. On the dance floor, beginners and regulars move religiously to the same steps. A DJ is kicking back, taking requests and drinking from a glass boot.

Neon signs illuminate lonely girls upstairs in the balcony overlooking the dance floor. Pool balls break under tungsten lit ceiling fans in a room with wood boarded windows.

At the bar, hotel guests, guys in cowboy hats and college girls wait for drinks. In the corner two guys play darts for the next round of shots, regulars enjoy beers under a wall-mounted longhorn skull.